Big Head IPA:          Winner of the 2007 Sasquatch Homebrewing Competition:  Best of Show and 1st Place in the IPA division.  An IPA brewed true to style.  We use American, Belgian, and German grains to build a clean malty taste that allows the aroma and flavors of the  Simcoe and Centennial hops to burst open.  From the first whiff of hops, to the last crisp bitter sip, this is a beer to be savored.

Red Rooster Ale:  2nd Place in the 2007 Sasquatch Homebrewing Competition in the American Ale division.  An amber beer that is nice and malty.  Five different grains give this beer it's body and signature crimson color.  We lightly hop it with Northern Brewer and Willamette hops.

Natural Blonde:  This is the lightest and most delicate of our beers.  It is natural because we craft this beer using organic 2-row and organic hops.  The result is a clean tasting long session beer that best served ice cold on a hot summer day.  Many a lawn mowings have been postponed while one more pint is quaffed.

Big Ol' Punkin Head:  Our annual Halloween Beer.  This is a spiced Porter.  The body of this beer is made from six types of grains, giving it a deep brown color.  Even the head on this beer is brown.  The beer is very lightly hopped and we add pumpkin pie spices at the end of the boil.  Ol' Punkin Head is full flavored beer that has a strong dark malt taste.  The spices and higher alcohol creates a very dry finish to it.  This is very good beer to help you "sort" your kid's Halloween candy.



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