The Story of Big Head Brewery



We are a small group of guys who enjoy making great tasting beer.  We started out making small batches of beer on the kitchen stove with malt extracts.  Those were some fine beers.  The only problem was by using malts we gave up some control and it kept us from developing our full potential as brewmeisters.  In order to have total control we made the switch to all grain brewing.  All grain brewing is much more challenging because you have to choose the right proportions of different types of grain to make the beer taste true to it's style.  It also adds the extra steps of mashing and sparging which means more equipment.  The picture on the left is of our first boiling vessel that allowed us to boil 5+ gallons of wort (the sweet liquid that transforms itself into beer when you introduce it to yeast).  It is an old stainless steel milk container from a dairy.  So now we are doughing in, mashing, sparging, boiling, chilling, kegging, bottling, and drinking in the garage and we can't keep up with our thirsty friends, family, and neighbors.  Our next step is to obtain a small pilot brewing system that will help with our consistency and allow us to extract more sugars from the grain (more sugar means higher alcohol).  This pilot system will also more than double our capacity.  Our goal is to open up a full fledged brewpub in a couple of years (sooner if we sell enough shirts).  First we are developing a full repertoire of beers.  Currently our IPA and Red Ales are the best I've ever tasted.  The Blonde and pumpkin pie spiced Porter are coming along nicely, we are still tweaking the recipe.  The next beers to conquer would be the stout, lager, and fruit beers.  Mead will also be on our menu as well as good food.


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The New 15 Gallon Brewery.




We finally got our 15 gallon pilot brewery and have been making award winning beers with it.  It has three 15 gallon stainless steel pots.  We use one for heating water, another is our Mash Tun, and the final one is our boiling vessel.  A hot liquid pump, three big burners, and a couple of spinning sparge arms finish out the system. We brewed up an excellent batch of IPA in May.  It took 1st place in the IPA division as well as the Best in Show award at the Sasquatch Homebrew Competition in Eugene, Oregon.


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